The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Is Back!

Well sorta back. They’re back in answer form. Last time I saw these guys was at their season end party. If you’re following them on Twitter, I’m sure you know what they have been up to. But I was curious as to what they thought about their first time on the road and maybe get some spoilers for 2010! Argh I can’t wait till Spring comes. Thanks Doug and Bryan for answering my questions!
Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

So now that the season is over, what did you think of the whole experience? Was it everything you wished for?
We had no expectations. We hoped to get through the summer and maybe have a few laughs or stories along the way.

Did you ever think this would become so popular? So popular that you ended up at the Vendy Awards.
Not in the least! Full disclosure – we’d never heard of the Vendy Awards until July!

At what point in the summer did you finally realized, “wow I made it”?
I’m not sure we ever thought that, exactly, but by the beginning of August we were breaking into laughter daily at how crazy it was getting. We’d be heading home from the depot at 2am, completely exhausted after an 18 hour day, covered in gunk and just start laughing. Just when we thought we had reached the extent of it all, something else would come along and top it. Daily requests for interviews, chances to appear on major tv shows, great reviews… you couldn’t wipe the shocked smiles off our faces.

What was the best thing that came out of this whole adventure?
Bryan: For me it was realizing Doug and I could actually work together and not kill each other. Being in a relationship, living together, and running a business together actually brought us closer together. Also it was just great to share my love of food with others and meet a whole new group of great people. The summer proved no matter how long you live in New York City there are always opportunities for adventure. I mean, seriously, how many people can say they made Choinkwiches for the masses parked under the Unisphere??
Doug: Ditto. I couldn’t say it better. I’d add that we really aimed to provide amazing customer service… if you caught me frowning at the truck, I’d be pretty surprised. I wanted to make sure that every single customer knew I appreciated their business. It was exhausting, but it paid off. It built good word-of-mouth, we built customer loyalty, and I think it did wonders for my own karma.

What are you going to do from now till next year? Experimenting with new ideas, maybe? May I suggest something with red bean or pop rocks or anchovies? Oh but seriously what about chocolate covered coffee beans?
Between now and next year is all about back to music for Doug. He’s back working on his DMA (Doctorate of Musical Arts) and back to orchestra season. His first job back was just 12 hours after our season-end party so there hasn’t been much downtown since. Bryan never left his job so that continues for him. In BGICT-land we’ll be doing a number of things – most of which we aren’t ready to talk about yet. Some stuff we can mention are redesigning our website, revamping our online store, and working with the designer of our logo, Jason O’Malley, on some new t-shirt ideas. Topping experimentation is never-ending. We cannot stroll down grocery store aisles without looking at everything in terms of how it would taste atop ice cream. We’ve also started moving in on your territory. Eat Me Daily gave us a fun opportunity to take a road trip & write for them, you can check it out here. We hope to be able to continue doing writing projects together- it’s good fun, and a good exercise for both brain and wit.

What are you going to tweet or blog about? Going to miss the tweets about you carrying a bag of malt balls.
Well, we’ve probably already answered this by our orchestra ticket giveaways. That has been successful for us and we will continue to do it as often as possible. Doug thought it was important to bring his love of music into focus more; the response has been strong. We feel like hosts at a party where everyone has a different connection and it is fun to bring them all together – music, ice cream, etc. That, plus we tweet our random thoughts about the universe…

I’m going to miss the gobbler, is there something you can suggest that will satisfy my crave until next season?
Bryan: Perfect lemon sorbet. Simple and light – what’s not to love? Then by April your BGICT jones will be in full force!
Doug: My current favorite ice cream is a limited run from Ben and Jerry’s called Maple Blondie. It’s a good winter flavor, what with the maple component. This week it’s only in scoop shops, but it should be in pints soon- make sure you find it before it leaves the shelves forever.

Probably too soon to ask but any idea what’s going to happen in 2010 with Big Gay Ice Cream? And Jacques Torres, how are you going to top THAT?
It’s definitely too soon to talk about 2010, but we can safely say we will be out again. No question about that. However, we have a lot of things we are juggling at the moment both big and small. When the time is right we will announce them. We don’t want to spill the beans before the time is right. Bryan is huge on not jinxing things by premature disclosure!


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