Roberta’s For Dinner

If I have to sum up 2009, I would say that this year was filled with street food and pizza. We attempted to make our own, Howard practically tried almost all of the pizza places, Wisconsin pizza, and then there was our semi-failed Brooklyn pizza tour. During our mini Brooklyn pizza tour I got the chance to go to Roberta’s. Currently it’s Howard’s favorite place.

On the Saturday of our Thanksigivng vacation, we found ourselves along with Anh and her friend at Roberta’s. We decided to meet at 7pm but later changed to 6pm which turned out to be a good idea since by 6:30pm the place was packed. What I like about Roberta’s is the space and the atmosphere. I just love the open space and the wooden chairs and tables. While going through the menu, I told Howard that I would like to try other things on the menu besides pizza and he said he was thinking the same thing. Though we ended up all getting pizza BUT Howard did order a salad and I got head cheese. Love head cheese. Actually on the menu, for head cheese, it said testa fried cauliflower. I had no idea what testa was but I saw fried cauliflower. Whoops. I ordered it for everyone but ended up me eating most of it.

SaladHead cheese
Yeah so when our appetizer came I was like..oh how is this fried cauliflower and that was when Howard told me it’s head cheese. OOhhhhhhh right. Anh and her friend asked me what head cheese was. I told them to take a bite first then I’ll tell them. Last time I told people that it was cow tongue no one dared to try it. They both took a bite and thought it was okay. Well! I thought it was delicious. It was nice and tender with a little bit of tang to it. Went very well with the basil and cauliflower. Shortly after finishing our starters our pizzas came. Here’s what we all got.

Anh got the Good Girl, kale, taleggio, pork sausage, and garlic. (Sorry no photo boo)

Specken Wolf
Anh’s friend got the Specken Wolf, speck, mushrooms, oregano, onions, and mozzarella.
Madd Martigan
Howard got the Madd Martigan, mozzarella, mushrooms, pesto, and artichoke
Lion Heart
I got the Lion Heart, mozzarella, tomato, brussels sprouts, cotto, sweet onion, and pecorino romano.

I didn’t try Howard’s pizza so I can’t really say anything about it. I did try the other 2 pizzas. I thought the Specken Wolf was okay nothing really special about it. I mean the speck was good but I think that night I was spoiled by the Good Girl pizza and my Lion Heart pizza. Here’s why. The Good Girl pizza had kale on it. I love kale. I especially enjoyed the bitter burnt crispy part of the kale. Anh didn’t like the crispy part so much. Weirdly I thought the pork sausage got in the way. Am I sliding slightly over to being a vegetarian?

Here’s another reason why I think I’m becoming a vegetarian. My new favorite pizza topping is now brussels sprouts. Yes brussels sprouts. The shredded brussels sprouts were awesome! Again the meat part, cotto, I could’ve done without. Not saying it wasn’t good but the brussels sprouts stole the spotlight.

As of now Roberta’s and Toby’s Public House are really high up in my favorite pizza place. Pizza from Roberta’s might be edging out a bit. I have to agree with Howard about Roberta’s crust, its pretty damn good. I’m no pizza expert so I’m basing what I consider good from how the places make me feel. I quite enjoy the atmosphere and the staff from both places (though the waitress from Roberta’s never came back with our bottle of tap water until I waved another waiter, so boo). Everytime I venture out to Toby’s we were always welcomed by the most friendliest and personal staff. Both places are laid back and casual with Toby’s being more laid back than Roberta’s. In the end I’m gonna go with Toby’s because it’s closer and is close to a bunch of bars I frequent.

– Roberta’s 261 Moore Street Brooklyn


3 thoughts on “Roberta’s For Dinner

  1. A good friend of mine lives really close to Roberta’s, so we always have dinner there when we’re in her hood. The fried chicken is to die for — definitely one of the best recipes I’ve ever had. It’s light and crispy and comes with this warm homemade biscuit, which is spread with melting honey-butter mixture. I’m salivating as I’m writing this! Also, if you’ve never tried egg on pizza, I’d definitely recommend it! It sounds a little weird, but the yolk blends really well with the crust and prosciutto (which I always order as a topping with the egg). It’s almost like a heartier breakfast focaccia.


    1. WOW Thanks! I love fried chicken! You’re making me hungry again. Yeah the first time I went to Roberta’s I got egg and potatoes as toppings and it was awesome! Hope I get to go soon again.


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