Questions To Answers – Grill ‘Em All

grill em all
1) Please state your name, name your food truck, the type of food you will be serving and where in LA will the truck make it stops?
Matt: Name: Matthew Chernus. Food Truck Name: Grill ‘ Em All. Type of Food: Awesome burgers, awesome sides of stuff like truffle fries and hand rolled tator tots. Location: Your stomach! HAHAHAHA! Great answer!
Ryan: I am the one they call The Great Tyrant of Gastronome, but you can call me Ryan. We stop only to do the bidding of the hungry masses…which is frequent and all over Los Angeles.

2) When and how did you come up with the idea of serving food in a truck and how did you decide on your menu? Besides the heavy metal theme, what makes your truck unique?
Matt: Truck? We don’t serve food from a truck, that would be too pedestrian. We serve food from our lovely chariot. The food can only be as good as the chamber it comes from and ours is the queen of the ball. The ball of destruction. You ask questions of uniqueness and I answer that all is unique when it comes from the belly of this beast we call hunger.
Ryan: Well, I have been a professional cook for over ten years now and I’ve taken my knowledge of gourmet cuisine and brought it to the most amazing canvas in my mind, burgers. The menu was easy; it’s the twist I have been bringing to backyard barbeques for years now. It’s the warm blanket you throw over yourself on a cold Winter’s night after one to many goblets of grog.

3) From the very beginning to now, what’s the one thing you learned about starting a food truck that surprised you?
Matt: Our chariot is full of surprises both small and large. She teaches us more than any other non-human form ever has minus the dwarf wizard that lives in the bushes just south of our dwelling. For instance, I didn’t know anything about fictitious name statements until this came about. Now I know. I also like the fact that it’s a total counter-culture deal. There’s not much that is grass roots and underground these days. This whole thing has that vibe.
Ryan: I was surprised on how much I liked driving and cooking on a big truck!

4) Do you allow customers to order their burgers their way? Well, medium, medium rare, bloody…etc.
Ryan: Answer me these questions three! Would a peasant ask Merlin to simply do his bidding? I think not!
Okay, I guess that’s just one question, but the answer is, if you reaalllllllllly want your burger well done, I guess that’s okay.
Matt: Blood is metal but we don’t want anyone getting sick. We abide by the California health code regulations. No funny business.

5) How has LA influenced you and your food truck and do you think it’ll be the same, for you, if you were in a different part of the country?
Matt: If we were in Brazil it would be huge. They love, love, love their heavy metal music there. Same with most of Europe. But, alas, this is Los Angeles and it has been a huge influence because, let’s face it, this is where the beast was born. Onto this world LA has given a gift of gastro mayhem that still puts me at awe. This, my ghouls, is the just the start of a feeding frenzy.
Ryan: This whole food truck realm would not exist if it weren’t for its popularity in Los Angeles. I mean, if we were in Brazil or Europe like Matt said we’d most likely have a city named after us.

6) Speaking of, a different part of the country, another crazy food truck spot currently is NYC. But there seems to be a growing number of hostilities towards street vendors, old and new. Cops have started to give out tickets and even towed away the street carts even though they’ve been there for years. I know Santa Monica is trying to pass a new law that will require trucks to basically pay rent to park on the street. How do feel about all of this and are you ready to deal with, well, everything?
Matt: You over bear my mind with suggestions and questions but you over look the all mighty power of our minds and abilities. The rent I pay is in the breath I breathe. The sense I make is non existent. Give a man a ticket and he will have to learn to burn that paper for a week in order to bake his daily bread. And this NYC you speak of is one letter more than the city in which we live. LA is shorter and better.

7) I have noticed a lot of the food trucks are rolling around together to create bigger buzz. Is that important to you and are you friends with other food vendors?
Matt: I like the buzz of an underground sensation like this. I am a pro wrestler fan above and beyond all else and it’s that nerd bond that I like most. So, yeah, I hope to make friends and create that buzz you speak of. But it is our unity together as a burger team that sets us apart. Ryan and I shall walk into this battle together and will blaze a trail regardless.

Ryan: All trucks in our area are advised to become our brothers in battle for the food truck domination of the world as we know it. Children will cry, and mothers will weep. We shall show no mercy. This war will be won as an army; the streets will run red with spilt ketchup!

8) How do you think this new wave of food trucks is changing the food scene in LA?
Matt: It’s making it a whole lot weirder. I have gone on a food truck binge for the past month. I can drop a name or two right? Frysmith is awesome, Bool is good, Kogi is the granddaddy of them all. It’s a brave new world in which we drive. No more going by the rules of those who you do not respect. Demand your own respect and rise to the top like a phoenix that knows no limits.

Ryan: This is now a force, a force that mere mortal, knight, wizard, or beast can not, and may not challenge. Naysayers may shout from the hills, but there cries will fall on deaf ears. The people have spoken, and they want their food and they want it from trucks.

9) 2009 is definitely the food truck year, why do you think that is?
Matt: Because this is the year in which it became more than a movement but a creature with a never ending hunger. Plus the media had a lot to do with. And there are some trucks with really great food too. So, you know, it is what it is.

Ryan: Food off a truck is fun.

10) Do you see the food truck trend slowing down at all? What do you think will happen in 2010?
Matt: How can you stop a boulder that has begun to make a steep descent from a cliff that hangs over the darkest of valleys? It will only slow down if the force in which it has been propelled resists. If our chariot does not let up its onslaught then our momentum will not decrees. In this New Year our loyal GHOULS will continue to support that which they know to be no mere trend but a force in their lives that is undeniable. Ghouls will line up and they will be fed and the year will move on as time has a tendency to do.

11) Why do you think people are so fascinated with food trucks? And what do you hope your customers will take away
Matt; Ryan said it best: food off a truck is fun. And what is fun? Answer: a good time.

Ryan: More than a good time, an experience they shall never soon forget!

12) Let’s say there’s someone out there that has never been to a food truck and has never heard of you before. Which 1 item will you offer him/her to try off of your menu.

Ryan: I can not pin down just one item. But…The Reign In Bun is the burger equivalent of the last supper, as long as you get the truffle fries with it.

Matt: Ryan is so funny. I’ll eat anything he cooks. He makes a mean game hen but that’s not on the menu. I would have to say, all corny metal voice jokes aside, that the Behemoth is something that only a weird mind like his would come up with. Grilled cheese buns, applewood smoked bacon, beer soaked caramelized onions… oh and a burger too.

13) If you have to pick 1 band, past or present to represent your truck, which band will it be?
Um…. That’s like the Lemmy VS God question. Speaking of Lemmy, there’s your answer. Motorhead are a truck.


One thought on “Questions To Answers – Grill ‘Em All

  1. hey, you guys are awsome i was hoping you would win the food truck race . i love to cook. your burgers look amazing. i hope to try them one day .


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