Cinnamon Bun Pie From Momofuku Milk Bar

Cinnamon Bun PieChocolate Malt Cake
And here I go again, back at the Milk Bar. After dinner at Ippudo, which my friend asked me to compare their pork buns with Momofuku’s and in the end I preferred the bun from Momofuku but did like the spicy mayo from Ippudo, I decided to go to the Milk Bar. It was just a quick walk anyways.

I went with Anh and she got the crack pie. I was thinking about the banana cake but then I saw the cinnamon bun pie. Hmm I love cinnamon buns. When I ordered it, the cashier asked if I was going to eat there or to go. I said there. He asked because they needed to heat it up if I was to dine in. After 5 minutes they handed me a warm box. I open it up to find the slice of cinnamon bun pie. Oh nice and warm. YUM. It was pretty good, good cinnamony and would’ve went well with a cup of coffee. I also got a slice of the chocolate malt cake with marshmallow. It was pretty good, I could taste the malt in it.

– Momofuku Bakery & Milk Bar 207 2nd Ave New York

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