Donny’s Favorite Food Items Of 2009

Like Howard said in his Best of 2009 post, there wasn’t a meal that I had in 2009 that I can say “Damit that was the best!” BUT there’s still hope. There were many single dishes that were truly amazing. So ready steady go!!

Best Pizza Topping, Brussels Sprout from Roberta’s
Lion Heart

Best Cup of Soup from Le P’tit Paris
Onion soup

Best Experiment Sage Whipped Cream

Best Dessert Persimmon with Rice Pudding from Spot
Dessert at Spot

Best Comfort Food Grits from Dirt Candy
stone ground grits, tempura poached egg

Best Ice Cream from Big Gay Ice Cream Truck
The Gobbler with Triple chocolate cupcake

Perfect Dining Experience at In-N-Out

Best Brunch with The Gastrobus Farmer’s Market Sundays
The Gastrobus Farmer's Market Sundays

Best Sweet Potato Fries from The Gastrobus
Sweet Potato Fries

Best Damn Roast Pork Taco from Don Chow Tacos
Lengua, carne asada & roast pork tacos

Best Cake from Momofuku Milk Bar
Banana cake

Best Chicken Liver Pate On Toast from The Spotted Pig
Chicken Liver Toast

Everything from Red Hook Ball Fields
Chicharron with fried yuca

Best Find of the Year The Empanada Lady

Best Three Bites of My Life from Blue Hill New York
Sweet corn ravioli

Best $14 Spent at a Flea Market from The Lobster Pound
Lobster rolls

Best Piece of Fried Meat from The Schnitzel & Things
Pork schnitzel w/ potato salad and lentil salad

Best Pile of WTF Is That from Hugo’s
Chipotle scrambled

Best It Doesn’t Make Any Sense But It Does Dessert from The Dessert Truck
Thyme Cream w/ Strawberries & angel cake

Best First Tries 1 Baking Madeleines
I baked madeleines

Best First Tries 2 Baking Focaccia Bread
Focaccia bread done

Best First Tries 3 Making Pad Thai
New wok for Pad Thai

Best Damn Affordable Brunch with a View at Bubby’s DUMBO
Eggs Benedict w/ bacon and waffles

Maybe My Greatest Achievement of 2009 the 8 Hour Pork Butt
Roasted pork butt - 8hrs

Yummiest Bowl of Noodles Sans-Soup from New Chao Chow
Combination rice sticks w/ soup on side

The One Dish I Don’t Mind Getting Heart Burn from The Boat
Continental fried rice


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