L.A. Eats – The Gastrobus Farmer’s Market Edition Two

Gastrobus menuKale beans bacon
Besides the Buttermilk Truck, another truck I just had to go was the Gastrobus. Yes I have been to the Gastrobus twice (here and here) but well Antonio and Lana are just such great people. I just had to give them a visit and so should everyone! I wanted my whole family to try so I brought them along. Which also mean I would be able to try a lot of the dishes that day heehee.

It was their organic Sunday menu so they were parked at the Los Feliz farmers market at the post office parking lot. Last time I saw Antonio and Lana it was in September so I was glad that they still remembered me when I arrived at the truck. Lana and I chatted a bit before I placed my order. Well I pretty much ordered everything off the menu, like I said I wanted to try them all!

Here’s what we got (pretty much everything on the menu except for the apple salad and toast with jam) an order of fried eggs with homemade chorizos, strawberry pancakes, asparagus with bacon vignette, kale beans and bacon, toad in a black hole and the potato galache. Look at the table full of food! Not sure where to begin.
Sunday brunch

I’ll start with the eggs, toast and homemade chorizos first. I love eggs. I wasn’t expecting the chorizos to look like sausage patties but these were very good and cute. Eaten with the eggs was just perfect.
Fried eggs w/ chorizo

Next I took an asparagus with the bits of bacon. Hmmmm 2 of my favorite things in 1 dish, can’t do any wrong.
Asparagus w/ bacon

The strawberry pancakes came in 2 with a generous scoop of caramel sour cream. Light and fluffy pancakes with a slight tart from the strawberries combine with the oh-so delicious sauce. SO GOOD! May I buy a tub of that caramel sour cream please?
Strawberry pancakes w/ caramel sour cream

What happened in 2009? I started to love, buy and cook kale. The kale with black-eyed peas and bacon came in a cup. Another perfect combo of 3 simple ingredients to create this hearty dish. Perfect for cold Winter days even though that cold Winter day was about 75 degrees.

I had no idea what to expect when I ordered the toads in black holes. I know what toad in a hole is but black holes? Hm… When finally I got the dish I saw what they mean by black holes. The toads in black holes uses pumpernickel bread, cheddar and 3 quail eggs. Look at those tiny sandwiches! This was pretty good also but I would’ve stuck with 1 egg instead of using 3 tiny quail eggs. I like yolk! A lot of yolk!
Toads in Black HolesToads in Black Holes w/ quail eggs

The final item was the potato galette with a homemade chorizo and spicy peanut sauce. She asked me if I wanted to add a fried egg to it, I was like *GASP HELL YEAH OF COURSE! She warned me that the peanut sauce was quite spicy. I actually didn’t order this dish in the beginning. I thought what I ordered the first time around was enough for everyone but my mom asked me what the potato dish was. So I ordered it and I’m glad I did. Actually more than just glad, I was super duper extremely glad I ordered it. A potato galette was a pan fried to golden with crispy outer potato cake topped with a homemade chorizo, fried egg and spicy peanut sauce. Okay the spicy peanut sauce wasn’t that spicy but had a great kick to it. I think from now on when I make my cold noodles with peanut sauce, I’m going to add some spiciness into it. The whole dish was wonderful. Potatoes and meat and yolk with peanut sauce! Come on!! Ugh wish I can eat that now.
Potato galette

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