Supermarket Finds – Mini Dumplings

Mini dumplingsMini dumpling
OMG I never seen mini pork dumplings before! They’re quite cute. For about $4 these definitely aren’t the best deals but heck they’re cute! I found these at the Hong Kong Supermarket on Hester and Elizabeth. I bought a bag along with some veggies and wonton noodles. Since they were tiny I thought I didn’t need to do the 3 boil rule but there it was clearly stated on the back of the bag to use the 3 boil rule.

Were these made for kids to eat?

Anyways, these came out just alright. Obviously with the small size there wouldn’t be much filling and the ratio of skin to filling was about 50/50. Worth getting, heck no. Cute, heck yes.


3 thoughts on “Supermarket Finds – Mini Dumplings

    1. the 3 boil rule is, after putting the dumplings into the boiling water let it come to a boil then add some cold water, repeat, wait for the water to boil again and add more cold water and when it boils the 3rd time the dumplings should be done.


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