Egg Custard King Closed

Egg Custard King closed
While in Chinatown, after having dinner, I wandered around the streets. I wanted desserts. But it was too cold to get an iced jasmine milk tea at Ten Ren. Then I thought about getting egg tarts so I strolled over to Mott St to Egg Custard King. Hoping they still have some banana flavored egg tarts. I never know where Egg Custard King is on Mott St until I see it. So I was looking for it on Mott St but I was getting closer to Canal St yet no Egg Custard King sign. Then I realized I was standing right outside of it or where it used to be. Hm.. ah shit when did it close? At that point I really wanted an egg tart so I walked over to Grand St and Forsyth St to the other Egg Custard King. As I got close to Forsyth I could see the big Egg Custard King sign and was glad that it wasn’t closed yet. But as I got closer I noticed a different sign over the Egg Custard King sign…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I walked by and it was just a regular ole bakery.

Where the hell does one get a banana flavored egg tart?


3 thoughts on “Egg Custard King Closed

  1. Really? The one on Grand St is now closed?? I was just there 2 weeks ago.

    There’s another bakery on Grand St between Bowery and Elizabeth St. Maybe no banana flavored egg tart, but definitely the Portuguese, egg white, and I think strawberry sometimes. Tai pan might carry some as well. Good luck!


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