Fried chicken with rice and veggie
Coluck or aka that one place in the tunnel between Elizabeth and Bowery is one of my favorite places to eat at. I just wish I go there more often. So why is this place special to me, besides it being in a frakkin’ tunnel? Well why do you like wearing that old beat up shirt? Because its comfortable, Coluck is comfortable to me. If you know me personally or have been around this blog long enough you should know that I love Hong Kong style cafes. Hong Kong style cafes = pretty much my entire life. When I first moved to NY I was sad to find out there were only few cafes in Chinatown. But slowly I have begun to find more and more. There’s of course the XO Cafe, The M Star, Happy Times Cafe and few more and of course Coluck.

When you walk by Coluck one thing you’ll notice is how empty the place is all the time. I doubt its the fact that its in a tunnel and its hard to find. The other 2 restaurants in the tunnel are always packed. But thats the beauty of Coluck. I hate crowded places.


As I said Coluck is a Hong Kong style cafe which means they have Westernized Chinese food and more traditional Chinese food. I come here to eat preserved vegetables with shredded duck stir fried with rice noodles, cream corn chicken over rice and most recently fried chicken with rice. This may be and probably is the only weird thing about Coluck’s menu. They have fajita wraps. I’m gonna have to try the Peking duck fajita wrap next time.

Coluck menu
I came here craving for the fried chicken with rice and thats what I got plus an iced lemon tea. I sat myself down on one of the booths next to the windows that look out into the tunnel. As always the place was near empty and quiet except for the typcial Cantopop music playing in the stereo. It’s like a trip down memory lane when its all the music I used to listen. One thing I would change about Coluck is their hours. It’s 8am to 8pm but sometimes they close up around 7:30pm and thats just too early.

My dinner had arrived. Look at that beauty.

Here’s a close-up of the fried chicken.
Fried chicken
In my mind this was a perfect meal. Beautifully seasoned and fried chicken served with some veggie over steamed rice for $4.75. The problem with fried chicken is usually a well seasoned batter but a bland chicken. But the chicken from Coluck was super yummie and flavorful in every bite. I like to have a challenge between the fried chicken from Coluck with other fried chicken that costs 10x more but probably not as good.

– Coluck 16 Elizabeth Street (between Bayard St & Canal St) NYC


4 thoughts on “Coluck

  1. Coluck was a staple back in the days when we used to cut school or weekends before/after wollmans rink. It was cheap and filling…I loved the grass jelly ice -=X Oh the memories..


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