Almond Croissant at Almondine Bakery

I was reading through FIPS yesterday and came across a story about a new bakery that had opened on 9th St, just off of 7th Ave, called Almondine. I was surprised to read about it, because I walk past that intersection every day and had never seen it. So on my way to work I decided to stop by and check it out. It’s no wonder I hadn’t noticed it before — I was standing where I thought it was looking around for about a minute before I realized I was standing right in front of it. The bakery is set back from the street and the sign isn’t very eye-catching. According to the man behind the counter they’ve been open for three months at this location (they have another location in DUMBO). The bakery has one case with sweets, and another with savories. The sandwiches and quiches looked good but I just wanted a snack, so in honor of the bakery’s name I got an almond croissant. It was quite good — crunchy and flaky outside, with a creamy, almost custard-like inside (and at $2.65 a relative bargain). I’ll definitely be back, if I can find the place again.

Almondine Bakery — 442 9th Street, Brooklyn


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