The Meat Hook

Trio of sausages with potatoes/brussel sprouts/bread
On my most recent trip to Greenpoint, my friend Shaina and I somehow found The Brooklyn Kitchen. When I saw it I was super excited because I knew what was inside, The Meat Hook! I have seen many twitpic and tweets from the people at The Meat Hook to know what sort of stuff they sell. And what sort of stuff do they sell? How about cheeseburger sausage, taco sausage, bacon sausage, duck hearts…etc. You get the idea.
Shaina ended up buying 1/2lb of pastrami that she later told me was frakkin awesome. I bought couple cheeseburger sausages, rosemary lamb sausages and taco dogs.
Sausages from The Meat HookSausages from The Meat Hook
That same night, I cooked the 3 sausages for dinner with a side of sauteed potatoes, brussel sprouts and served with a slice of country rye bread.

Hot damn these sausages tasted just like their names and were totally awesome. I’m gonna have to go back to The Meat Hook pretty damn soon.


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