Eating And Shopping Around Greenpoint

Peter Pan
So previously I wrote about my trip to north Brooklyn for brunch at Five Leaves with my friend Shaina. Well after having that wonderful brunch we wanted to walk it off so we went around Greenpoint and later crossed over to Williamsburg. First we walked up on Manhattan Ave. You can pretty much say that that is the main street of Greenpoint. The whole time during brunch Shaina couldn’t stop talking about the donuts from Peter Pan. So obviously our first stop on Manhattan Ave was to Peter Pan followed by an impromptu trip into a laundromat for empanadas then to end the trip with a trip to the Meat Hook inside The Brooklyn Kitchen.

Stepping into Peter Pan is like going through a time traveling tunnel where ladies behind the counter still wears the old uniforms. I got a honey glazed donut and Shaina got a cream filled eclair. Wow these donuts were light as air.
Creme filled eclair
Honey glazed

While chewing our donuts and on our way over to the Meat Hook we walked by a laundromat. I didn’t pay much attention to it until I saw the sign that was sitting right outside. Empanadas!!! Cheese, ham and cheese, chicken, mushroom…. I mean how can anyone resist? We walked inside and found the empanada lady, which I think might have been the owner, standing behind the cash register. I got 1 mushroom and 1 cheese empanada for $2. These empanadas were juicy. The cheesy juice would not stop squirting and dripping out. It was a bit messy to eat but compare to the ones I get from Red Hook or the Empanada Lady in Carroll Gardens, these were just okay.
M&W Laundromat
Empanada from laundromat

Then Shaina and I walked over to the Brooklyn Kitchen. We walked around for a bit just to “wish” what we can buy but our main reason was the Meat Hook. I follow them on the ole Twitter thing so I knew what sort of things they had. I took home 2 cheeseburger dogs, 2 rosemary lamb sausages and a taco dog. You can read about them here when I made them for dinner that night. Shaina bought 1/2 a pound of pastrami and when she made a pastrami sandwich at home, she immediately fell in love with it.

It was a great day in north Brooklyn and I hope to go back more often, when its slight warmer.


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