Ultimate Burgers And Dogs Not So Ultimate

Ultimate Burgers & DogsUltimate Burgers & Dogs
When you name your place with the word “Ultimate” there’s a certain level of “ultimateness” you gotta live up to. You can’t call yourself ultimate and not be ultimate. The things listed on the menu looked promising but reviews of the place didn’t.

Short version. DON’T GO THERE!

Classic burger with tater tots & a side of onion rings
Long version. I was really there for the tater tots but in the end even that was only ok. Howard, Steph and I walked into an empty place with dim blue lighting. Howard got the veggie burger with tater tots, which he ended up eating everything but the buns. Steph got a chicken dog? I think and said it was meh. I got a regular burger with tater tots and a side of onion rings with a root beer. You can see from the image, that burger was overran by unnecessary lettuces and onions. Oh and they don’t ask you how you want your burger but I got mine as medium. But the one thing we all agreed why our burgers and dogs were just not very ultimate were the cold buns. Why? Who thinks a cold bun is good? Come on! The frakkin’ hot griddle was there cooking the burgers! How much trouble is it to heat up the buns?

– Ultimate Burgers and Dogs 243 Degraw Street, Brooklyn


5 thoughts on “Ultimate Burgers And Dogs Not So Ultimate

  1. I agree with George. These burgers are great with fresh, well seasoned meat. The fact that you complain about the toppings (like, who complains about this? I usually complain when the toppings cost extra) without noting the unbelievable quality of the meat (for the price) makes me question your competence as food bloggers.


    1. @Jesse – the fact that you are willing to overlook the terrible buns and the lack of flavor makes me question your competence as an eater. thanks for reading!


  2. I just finished a mushroom burger and onion rings from there. It was quite good. By no means “ultimate,” but certainly not bad.

    They even asked me how I wanted it cooked 🙂

    The no fries thing is totally weird though. And, yeah, the ambiance leaves much to be desired, but it was totally worth it for me.


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