Secret Ingredient: Fresh Turmeric Root

Last week I walked into the South Slope Union Market and was surprised to see fresh turmeric root (mislabeled as “tumeric root”), something I hadn’t seen before. I picked up a handful of the tiny roots, not sure what to do with them but excited anyway. Turmeric is said to have numerous health benefits — a natural detoxifier, etc. — and has a sweet, almost carrot-like smell. I’ve sliced in thin and added it to an Asian-inspired soup, and I’ve grated it and used it as a base for curry. I should warn you that if you do grate it your fingers will be bright yellow for a day, at least, despite any scrubbing.


5 thoughts on “Secret Ingredient: Fresh Turmeric Root

    1. @Jenny – they don’t always have it at union market. i have also seen it for sale at a little indian market on 2nd ave near e 6th street in manhattan. they probably also have it at pate brothers in queens.


  1. @Jenny, You should be able to find turmeric root in Indian stores at Newark Ave (I just got some last week) in Jersey City or in any of the indian groceries in Oak tree rd in Edison, NJ.
    One thing though – try not to get the turmeric powder. It does contain some food coloring, mainly because turmeric (along with fresh cream and a tomato base) is used to attain a rich bright orange hue to the gravy in indian food.

    Hope this helps!


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