My Dad’s Thoughts on Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market

My parents went to Philadelphia recently, and visited the market at Reading Terminal. Here’s what my Dad had to say about it:

Adjacent to Philadelphia’s Convention Center in the old Reading (as in “Go for a ride on”) Railroad Terminal on –appropriately- Market Street stands the largest farmer’s market I’ve been to in the East. The pervasive smell of fresh food will make anyone’s mouth water, break down defenses and generally make you want to eat. Not even the sandwiches are run of the mill, but savory gardens of delight. Whether the market is reminiscent of L.A.’s famous farmer’s market, or the reverse, I don’t know, but it put to mind that tag line on Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s restaurant” You can get anything you want at…” Provided it’s fresh, sweet, tasty or just darn good. From Asian food, to butchers, fresh fish, Salumeria shops, Seafood and fresh produce, as well as crepes for your breakfast and chocolate shaped like body organs for the nearby hospital workers there are about one hundred booths that serve quite a lot of variety. There are breakfast specialists and lunch specialists, scrumptious Italian pastry shops, vegetarian and organic meat specialists, and places, which because of lack of time, I missed, but like Doug Macarthur, I shall return. Now shall I try the REAL Philly Cheese Steak, or the crepes, or…


3 thoughts on “My Dad’s Thoughts on Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market

  1. I can see how you got your inspiration in discovering food in the city & in food writing! Your dad’s a great writer! His words make me want to take a trip to Philadelphia! Dad left us on a cliffhanger, though. Did he try Di’nics, the soul food place, or any of the amish bakery’s? Inquiring minds want to know, Dad!

    Happy Eating!



    1. @pat – thanks! my dad definitely inspired my to write, even way back when i was a kid. he informs me that they did not eat at the market, but at a restaurant called maggiano’s.

      @eva – i’ll pass the comment along to my dad, he’ll be pleased to see it.


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