Jamie At Home: Fish Pie

Fish Pie
For this week I wanted to eat fish and just so happens Jamie Oliver has a super simple recipe for fish pie. The recipe seems very flexible because he said you can use cheap fish or more fish or less fish or expensive fish maybe add some shrimps or maybe not. While watching the video, he does make it seem very quick and easy but I’m not very good at grating things. Maybe my grater sucks or it’s me but damn took me forever to grate everything. I also found it easier to mix not in the pan but in a bowl. I felt one side had more cheese than the other.
Fish PieFish Pie
I ended up using catfish because those were the cheapest at my local fish shop. I bought a bag of spinach instead of baby spinach and did he say lemon? I think so. So after all the grating and chopping and mixing it was ready for the mashed potatoes to go on top. I was suppose to have enough mashed potatoes to cover the whole pan but I didn’t, it barely covered the pan with few pieces of spinach sticking out. Oh well can’t do nothing about it.

The results, Mo seem to like it a lot but I thought it needed a little bit more seasoning but overall it was pretty good. The written version of the recipe said to serve it with ketchup and thats what I did. I think that night I ate about 2 people’s worth of fish pie.


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