Jamie At Home: Italian Style Green

Jamie at Home: Italian style greens
I spent last Sunday stuck inside the Bell House in Gowanus doing this! As you imagine it was mighty epic. I don’t remember how many cups of beer I drank nor how many pieces of beef I had eaten but I knew that night that I would like to stay away from any sort of meat for a while. So for this week’s Jamie Oliver recipe, I picked a vegetable dish, a very simple vegetable dish. Italian style greens (ricetta tipica per verdure verdi), is basically a dish of cooked veggies with garlic, herbs and olive oil. In the recipe he used swiss chard but I couldn’t find any so I decided to get lettuce, broccoli rabe and chicoria. As for herbs I got basil and dill.
It was nice to eat a big plate of veggies, my version was a bit under seasoned but I really like the addition of the dill.


2 thoughts on “Jamie At Home: Italian Style Green

  1. I love greens… and I had Jamie Oliver on the brain since watching the preview for his new show “Food Revolution”. Love his simple recipes. Makes me want to go out and buy some swiss chard and other verdura! yummy.


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