Spicing Up The Potatoes

Last week I bought a bag of baby potatoes and was going to make a mixture of mushy potatoes with chopped pork crackling for tacos but in the end I got lazy. So one morning I was hungry, as usual, and started to look through the kitchen for things to eat or cook. Well I had eggs and a loaf of bread so eggs and toast. But first I got the pot of water boiling for the coffee. Then I thought about running out to Trader Joe’s to pick up a pack of their wonderful hash brown but I did not want to stand in line just for hash brown. Thats when I remembered I had those baby potatoes sitting on the dining table, patiently waiting for me to eat them. I didn’t wanna take the time to boil them so I sliced them up really thin so that I could just pan fried them. I wanted to JAZZ them up but how?! Spices! I have an unopened bottle of fennel seeds so a dash of that. I really enjoy the flavors of cumin seeds so a dash of that and what the heck a dash of coriander seeds. Mix mix mix and dumped it into a pan with some olive oil and then the potatoes.

It actually came out kinda good but gotta remember next time to crush the coriander seeds a bit.


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