Defonte’s At Red Hook

Hot roast beef sandwich w/ mozz and fried eggplant
I keep hearing about Defonte’s and their incredible tasty sandwiches. But both their locations being not near me at all has kept me from trying their sandwiches. Finally on a beautiful March Saturday I walked down with Steph and met up with Howard at Defonte’s in Red Hook. Steph suggested that I get the hot roast beef sandwich which has roast beef, mozzarella and fried eggplant. We walked in around 1:45pm into a near empty Defonte’s and by 1:50 it was packed! Weird. I actually wanted to try their cubano but their hot roast beef sandwich seems to be their signature sandwich so I got that. Steph got roast pork with hot salad and provolone and Howard got potato and egg with cheese. We all got the 1/2 size, which I later realized that it was enough sandwich to last me the whole day.

We took our sandwiches and ate it in the park just few blocks from Defonte’s. It was great! The sun was shining and a light breeze was blowing. Let me just say, the sandwich was HUGE! It was packed with roast beef and cheese and fried eggplant, how was I going to eat this damn thing?
Roast pork with hot saladEgg and potatoes
I took one bite and loved it! I don’t really like eggplant but how do you make me eat eggplant? By frying them and sticking them into a sandwich with cheese and roast beef. I quickly finished half of the half sandwich and was contemplating about finishing the other half. Should I? Do I dare? Oh heck yeah I did and because I ate the whole thing it kept me full the whole day and skipped dinner.

I am ready to go back for the cubano now.


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