Jamie At Home: Linguine With Tomatoes & Capers

Linguine with tomato and capers
I was looking for a really quick and simple recipe this week and this Linguine with Tomatoes and Capers doesn’t get any more simpler. When you read through the recipe, you may ask “what the hell is tomato passata?” I sure did. With a quick google search I found, the very first result, that tomato passata is tomato paste. Okay BUT other links said that its tomato sauce. So…paste or sauce. I went with tomato paste and bought 3 little tins for 99cents each.

The longest part of this entire recipe was actually getting the pot of water to boil. Once the salted water started to boil, drop the pasta in and cook for 10mins. Then 3 minutes later, cook the tomato, capers, lemon zest sauce. When the pasta is done, drained (save some pasta water!) and add the sauce. Give it a good mix and add the parmesan cheese. When I was mixing the pasta with the sauce, I realized I should’ve went with the tomato sauce instead of pasta. The paste, well, was too thick, hence if you do you the paste save the pasta water because you’ll need it. But the end result was quite tasty and for under 20mins, this recipe was pretty damn good. I think for the next recipe I’ll try something for labor intensive.


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