Salumeria Biellese

Salumeria Biellese Meatball Sandwich
Dude, when you crave for a meatball sandwich you GO and get a meatball sandwich but where?! I found out my beloved Cafe Express with a question mark in the front was closed and was replaced by a stupid generic Pret A Manager, WTF?! UGH. I was hoping to get a meatball sandwich from them, so instead I walked a little further to Salumeria Biellese. The meatballs at Salumeria Biellese were as big as my fist. For close to $8 I got a giant sandwich with 4 meatballs halved and smooshed into the bread then topped with sauce and cheese. Oh… It was a bit messy to eat but when you’re starving and actually eating what you were craving for, I didn’t give a damn. It was a fine fine sandwich even though the bread was just okay.

– Salumeria Biellese 378 8th Avenue, New York


4 thoughts on “Salumeria Biellese

  1. I work in Midtown West and go here for lunch all the time! I recommend the chicken parm and eggplant parm sandwiches. I think a small’s $6.75, and it’s big enough to last two meals.


  2. I work right around the corner and have tried Salumeria Biellese 3 times. I had the chicken parm twice and the meatball once and have been disappointed each time.

    Really sad because I want to like this place so bad. The food is just bland. The bread is not good and the author was right…they are a MESS to eat. Overall…not my fave, but I will not give up on trying their cured meat products.


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