Jamie At Home: Mediterranean Braised Lamb With Couscous

Mediterranean Braised Lamb
This week I decided to do something that required more than half an hour to prep and cook and something more fancy. I went with this recipe for Mediterranean Braised Lamb with Couscous because it was still simple enough for me to make after coming home from work. I spent Monday night buying everything at Whole Foods and prepping. Tuesday night was just throwing everything into the pot and let it braised for 1.5hrs. Easy!

The recipe called for lamb shoulder or leg of lamb but Whole Foods was selling stewed lamb meat for a dollar cheaper so I got that instead.

My relationship with braising anything has never been good. No matter what I braise, it usually comes out oily, bland and thin. I followed his recipe pretty closely and it did not look anything like the photo. What did I do wrong?! Though everyone said it was good and Steph, she loves lamb, said this was her favorite Jamie Oliver dish I have made so far. And for some reason I did a combination of couscous and basmati rice.

Then after letting the stew sit in the fridge for couple of days, I was able to scoop up all the fat that had hardened on top. I also drained the liquid from the stew and used it to cook couscous. The lamb mixture I heated it up on a pan and added some creme fraiche and oh wow! It was delicious! So next time I am going to let any stew that I make sit in the fridge for a day or 2 before serving it.


One thought on “Jamie At Home: Mediterranean Braised Lamb With Couscous

  1. Did you add the tin of tomatoes? My stews always end up quite thick and dark red with the tomatoes…

    I really like Jamie Oliver’s recipes too as they almost always turn out well. And most are quick enough for weekday meals.


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