Ramps Ramps Ramps

So whats the big dealio about ramps? I keep hearing people talk about ramps ramps ramps. They’re like crack to some people. Okay so they’re like leeks and taste a little bit like garlic and when cooked down they kind of look like spinach. To find out what’s all the craze over this little vegetable I asked Howard to pick up some ramps for me at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket. I had this grand idea for a ramps tasting where I’ll cook it few different ways but I ended up only making 2 things.

Bacon wrapped ramps
Bacon wrapped rampsBacon wrapped ramps
Sure why not?! I light seasoned the ramps and rolled it up with a slice of bacon. Put a toothpick in to secure the roll and pan fried it. The subtle garlicky taste from the ramps was great with the bacon. Could’ve eaten a whole tray of these.

Baked eggs with ramps with cheese and toast
Baked eggs with rampsBaked eggs with ramps
I wanted to do baked eggs since it was easy enough to do. First I cooked the ramps in a pan with just salt and pepper. Then I split up the ramps into 4 ramekins, added a small knob of butter and cracked an egg into each. I grated some cheese over the eggs (I had parmesan and gruyere) then popped it into a pre-heated oven at 375 degrees. Few recipes I found on the internet said…bake for 8-12mins or until the egg white has set. Well stupid me checking too early and then not checking it again. The first batch I did, the eggs were all baked through, served with a piece of toast they were still quite tasty. But I wanted runny yolks. So the next morning I made this same dish again but made sure I took the ramekins out on time and it came out beautiful.

My conclusion about ramps…is that………….I still don’t get it. Sure they taste kinda good but I’m not gonna go all crazy about and pay $$$ for a tiny bunch.


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