Jamie At Home: Parsnip And Pancetta Tagliatelle With Parmesan & Butter

Bacon parsnip pastaBacon parsnip pasta
So this week I cheated a bit. The recipe called for pancetta and thyme or rosemary. I didn’t use pancetta, I know its in the title but pancetta is pricey, so instead I used bacon. Also I had 5 strips of bacon in the fridge already. As for the herbs I wanted to use something different, something I have never used before…..like…..tarragon! I think sage would’ve worked good in this dish also. Well I guess I might as well just say that I didn’t use tagliatelle pasta either! Geez… This wasn’t my fault I couldn’t find any so I got linguine.

Parsnips have sort of a licorice taste to it, I think, and so does tarragon. What I made tasted okay but probably tarragon wasn’t the right herb to use because it taste like parsnips, I don’t know. Will try again with sage! Love sage.


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