Flatbush Farm & Bar(n)

Flatbush FarmFlatbush Farm
Me, Howard, Phae and Justin came here because we couldn’t really think of where to eat on a Saturday night around 9pm. I think Phae shook her iPhone for the recommendation. We were in the neighborhood after taping NewsBubble, hosted by Justin check the videos out here funny stuff! I have never been to Farm and have been wanting to go. Howard has been but only for lunch. We walked in and the hostess told us it would be a 20-30min wait. We told her sure we’ll wait and headed for the Bar(n) part which was a separate area next to the restaurant. At the bar it was as dim lid as the restaurant and 100 times more loud with drunk people. There they served bar food.

After a quick chat at the bar we were seated in the restaurant side by the door. Surprisingly there were many things I wanted to order. The spaetzle sounded really good, so did the farm egg with fettuccine (I love eggs), the chicken dish and the duck of course all sounded yummie. I couldn’t decide at all. I wanted everything. Even when the waitress was taking our order I was still deciding, but finally I settled for the Free Range Roast Chicken with Potato Puree, Kale, Brown Butter and Roasted Salsify. Whats salsify? Never heard of it before.

My chicken came and it was huge! It was like half a chicken on the plate. I cleaned the whole plate, it was damn good.
Free range roasted chicken

Justin’s farm egg with fettuccine and Phae’s beef tartare
Farm egg with fettuccineBeef tartare

Flatbush FarmFlatbush Farm

Flatbush Farm 76 Saint Marks Avenue Brooklyn


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