Guatemalan Enchilada And Fried Chicken At Red Hook Ball Fields

Guatemalan enchilada
The mayor of Red Hook Ball Fields is back! I’m the mayor! I just found out about this. Pretty handy in finding out the names of each vendors and their menus, with pictures.

My quest everytime I go to the Red Hook Ball Fields is to find something new to eat. This past Saturday I found myself chowing down happily a Guatemalan enchilada. As you can see from above a Guatemalan enchilada is waaaaaaaaaay different than the enchiladas we’re used to. This was a fried tortilla, lettuce, pickled beets, ground beef, red sauce, slices of hard boiled eggs, cheese, onions and cilantro. I got this from Carrillo and wasn’t sure what to expect. It smelled kinda funky but tasted REALLY good. And being that it was served chilled its great for summer weather. Then for some weird reason I was craving for rice but I was afraid if I get a rice dish it’ll be too much food. I walked up and down up and down but finally settled at Ceron. Last time I got fried pork with yuca from them and loved it. This time I got the fried chicken with yellow rice and beans. YUM YUM to my tummie for $6. The chicken was perfectly fried and juicy but was bit under seasoned. But hell yeah I’m going to get this again.
Fried chicken with rice and beans


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