Biscuit & gravy candied bacon grapefruit
Hype is a very dangerous thing. It can help or hurt you. I have heard a lot of great things about Egg and the crazy wait during brunch hours. I have also heard that its only an okay place and its just all hype. Still I couldn’t help but be curious after staring at their menu. Fried chicken! Duck hash! Biscuits and gravy! Yes yes yes please!

So when Bonnie came to NYC for a day we met up for breakfast. I gave her Egg and Prime Meats to chose from and she picked Egg. We met around 9:30am on a Monday in Williamsburg. Walked into Egg and sat down. I sorta knew what I wanted, duck hash with over-easy eggs. Bonnie got a small pot of coffee and the biscuit and gravy. We also shared the candied bacon and grapefruit with mint.
Eh so the biscuit and gravy looked more like a giant bowl of porridge. I took a bite of it and just couldn’t imagine myself finishing that and would’ve been tired of it after few bite. The candied bacon was pretty good, cooked with raw sugar. The grapefruit was nothing special, $3.50 for half of a grapefruit with mint on top..REALLY? She didn’t like it so I ended up eating the whole thing.

My duck hash looked and tasted good but it wasn’t anything that special. Maybe because I was still recovering from being sick but I just wasn’t feeling it. Good chunks of duck meat and nice hash browns but overall it was okay. Maybe I’ll go again and try another dish. What is their signature dish?
Duck hash with eggs

Egg 135 N 5th St Williamsburg Brooklyn


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