All About The Curry

All About Curry
Well all about the Japanese curry to be more precise. There’s always a box of House Curry Mild in my kitchen because it’s damn easy to cook this. Cook some veggies or some meat or some both or not, then add water and the curry. Cook until the curry has all been dissolved and veggies/meats are done. One box of curry has about 12 servings and I usually use the whole box. I just love curry! One of my food mission when I was still living in LA was to go to all of the Curry Houses but I only made it to 4 Anyways, I usually invite people over when I make a big pot of curry but even then I end up with a large container of leftover curry that would last me for another 4 meals. Yes I said I love curry but even I get bored of eating curry over rice for more than 2-3 times. So what I usually do is freeze the rest of the curry or change it up a bit.

One night I found myself craving for curry and of course I made a giant pot. But instead of freezing the rest I came up with the idea of creating other dishes with the same curry sauce.

First up! Omelette Rice in Curry Sauce.
All About Curry
I love omelette rice because it combines eggs, rice and ketchup few of my favorite things (are you thinking about the thunderstorms and curtains?) Anyways so here’s my version of omelette rice. First saute some garlic and bacon (just because I had some bacon you can use any sort of meat or no meat), when the bacon is about done throw in the rice. Season it and give it a good mix and stir. Then squirt some ketchup and mix it again. Cook it for another minute or so and move it to a plate. For 1 person, use 2 eggs for the omelette. Scramble the eggs and season it. Evenly distribute the oil in the hot pan, swirl the pan swirl the pan. Add the eggs and swirl the pan again to get the eggs all around the pan. Leave the eggs alone until the outside of the eggs starts to set, can’t lift the omelette if the outside isn’t set yet. At this point make sure the omelette isn’t sticking to the pan. When the bottom side of the omelette is nearly done, add in the rice. Place the rice to one side of the omelette aaaaannnndddddd fold the omelette. I like to be fancy and roll my omelette to look like a burrito but you can just fold it if you want. Then leave the omelette in the pan to cook the inside, a bit runny in the inside is good. Take the omelette off and place it on a plate. Pour curry sauce, which was heating up in a pot while the omelette was cooking, into the plate with the omelette. I like to finish this dish off with some pickled ginger, YYUUMMMMMMM.
All About CurryAll About Curry
All About CurryAll About Curry
All About CurryAll About Curry

Second dish. Curry Ramen with Bok Choy.
All About Curry
This is definitely a lazy person dish because basically you’re just cooking ramen. So you can cook the ramen and curry sauce separately or cook them together. You can even cook the veggies with the ramen too but I wanted to saute the bok choy with garlic and a little bit of satay sauce just to make things a little different. Again I finished this off with some pickled ginger.
All About Curry

Third dish. Baked Curry Cheesy Pasta.
All About Curry
People thought I was weird and crazy when I first made this. “Curry? Mac n’ cheese? You’re crazy!” See. Actually the first time I made curry lasagna and it was good. To make this beauty, start off with cooking the pasta, whatever pasta you like. Make sure to under cook it since you’ll be baking it later. While the pasta is cooking, go ahead and make a roux. Roux is just 1 part butter and 1 part flour. Stir in the flour when butter has melted in the pot. When you don’t see anymore white from the flour throw in the curry sauce. Sorry I didn’t measure how much I just guesstimated. Give it a good stir to incorporate the roux and curry sauce nicely. I liked to keep the curry sauce the main flavor so I went and got a cheese that wasn’t toooooo strong, gruyere. I shredded about….2 cups again I only guesstimated. Throw in the cheese and stir and melted. You can also add some parmesan cheese, which I did, and stir. Hey you can stop now and have made curry cheesy fondue! Dip a piece of bread or pasta to see if you need to season it. Once everything is done cooking, incorporate the pasta into the sauce, if you pot is too small do it in a bigger bowl. And once thats done scoop it into a pan, top with more cheese and bake in a pre-heated oven at 375degrees for I say 30mins? Or when the cheese starts to bubble! Oh and the great thing about this you can customize it with whatever you want. Curry corn cheesy pasta or curry bacon cheesy pasta.
All About CurryAll About Curry

Fourth dish. Curry Egg Rolls. What!
All About Curry
This was the most labor intensive out of everything. I made a meat and a potato version. Start by cooking about a pound of ground pork or turkey or beef or chicken or boar or elk or whatever. Once they’re separated into little pieces add the curry sauce. Add enough to barely cover the meat. Bring it to a boil and lower the heat and let it simmer. What you want in the end is all the liquid gone and you’re left with curry flavored ground meat. If you’re using potatoes, dice them into little cubes and throw them into a pot with the curry sauce. And do the same thing, cook until most of the liquid is gone and you’re left with this heavy potato curry paste. When the curry mixture has been fully cooked down, let it cool down. Store it in the fridge if you’re cooking it later. Turn on the oven to 350degrees. Well I guess you should fry these but I hate frying stuff at home so I baked them. Or you can pan-fry these too which I found out later was better than baking. Anyways, take out a sheet of egg roll wrapper and scoop some filling in and wrap it up! If you don’t know how to wrap egg rolls check out this step-by-step instructions from Steamy Kitchen. When done place them in a baking tray and bake for 15mins, I think, or until the egg roll wrapper is nice and crispy. When I baked these they didn’t come out golden brown that’s why I said pan-frying is much better. The ones I did needed more curry flavor and thought maybe a dipping sauce would’ve been nice too.
All About CurryAll About Curry
All About CurryAll About Curry
All About CurryAll About Curry

Fifth dish. Curry Orzo with Spare Ribs.
This dish is my usual way of cooking and eating Japanese curry. I like getting the spare ribs in Chinatown because they sell a pack for real cheap AND these spare ribs contain soft bones so if you cook it long enough you can chew the bones. You can check out the recipe here.

SO there you go. Hope this was helpful, it was definitely a good exercise for me to think of what I can do with a big pot of curry sauce. How do you like to eat curry?


2 thoughts on “All About The Curry

  1. Wow! So creative of you!
    I find Japanese curry too sweet for me, but if I do use these instant, processed cubes, I like it in chickpeas or a ‘gumbo’ stew.

    I like your omurice idea!


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