Quick Meal: Hash Brown Chili Sandwich

Hash brown veggie chili sandwich
I had no idea what to do about dinner while working through the isles of Trader Joe’s in Brooklyn. I had a small crave for pasta but was too lazy to cook, part of me also wanted to just leave Trader Joe’s and get pad thai but the other part of me wanted to save money. Ah what to do, what to do. I was walking near the bread section and thought “hmmmm I do love bread, hmmm what if I just make a sandwich? What about a sandwich topped with chili?” And from then on ideas and cravings just poured into my head. The above photo is what I came up with. Texas toast, mayo, wild arugula, 1 slices of mozzarella cheese, hash brown and vegetarian chili.

I ate 2 of these. !!! Food coma in 10, 9, 8… *ZZZZZzzzzZZzzzzzzz

This was AWESOME!! Really really hit all the different cravings I had. The taste of the chili was a bit overpowering though.


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