Bar Tabac

Bar Tabac
Always a crowd standing outside smoking their cigarettes while a live band plays music inside near the bar. Even into the late hours of the night you’ll find people and music at Bar Tabac. I have lived in the area since 2006, with a year in Park Slope and I have never once dined at Bar Tabac. Its just one of those places that “oh its there I’ll just go later” and later became 4 frakkin years. I mean I have no excuse for not going, well actually I have no reason to go either, well I mean everybody that went there said it was good but not crazy good. Damn it why I am defending myself. Oh and its right next to a massage parlor, oh Yeah!

I was with my sister, Bonnie, and I was having trouble thinking where to eat for dinner in my own neighborhood. She was flying back to LA that night and I’m always paranoid about getting to the airport on time. I was trying to think of a place that wouldn’t take us foooorrrever but didn’t really feel like getting a banh mi at Hanco’s like last time. Then my sister said she was going to pay for dinner….then OK let’s go to Bar Tabac, why not? It was around 6pm on a Monday night when we walked in and the restaurant was nearly empty with only 2 tables being occupied. The mood was very mellow. We were seated towards the back. Once I sat down I could smell it. That smell, so familiar. The smell of the restroom yep. Right behind me was the hallway to the restroom. The whole time there all I could smell was the restroom soap, I guess thats better then… anyways.

BURGER! Yes that was what I wanted and got with a slice of American cheese, plus $1. It was also the cheapest thing on the menu. My sister got 2 things Lamb Kebab Brochette with chermoula sauce and Scallops Brochette with soy balsamic dressing and parsley
Bar TabacBar Tabac
That soap smell was pretty damn strong..

Our food came, hooray! Oh and my burger came with a side of salad nice. From just looking at it, the burger looked mighty tasty with a brioche bun. I picked it up and took a big bite, I was hungry, and was glad to find that it was cooked medium rare just like I ordered it to. Another thing that made this burger good was how well it held itself together. I was able to hold it with one hand and my other hand was free to pick up the fries. Look how it was able to stand on its side! Incredible!
Bar Tabac

As for my sister’s food, she said the scallops were tastier than the lamb. The cubes of lamb were a bit chewy. I took a bite of both and agreed on the chewiness of the lamb but actually preferred the taste of the lamb over the scallops.

I left this place feeling satisfied, full and like I have accomplished something GREAT. Finally I can check this place off my “some day” list. Do you have a restaurant you live so close to but never been?


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