Mile End Delicatessen

Breakfast sandwich
Oh Mile End, I like how you bring a TON of people onto Hoyt Street every weekend during brunch hours. No I don’t actually. I hate waiting with big crowds, I’m hungry and I want to eat right away but for some odd reason I don’t mind waiting for dim sum. Weird. Anyways the only time I’ve been to Mile End was just to go and pick up my Montreal bagels.

Yes I’ve been wanting to go try Mile End for a while now but they close too damn early everyday and with the crowds over the weekend I’ll never get to go! Oh wait they just did announce their brand spankin new dinner hours! w00t! Maybe now I can get my smoked meat finally?

Mile End
So my sister, Bonnie, was in town again and like last time I took her to a place close to my place, oh yes Mile End for early Monday breakfast. I really love the interior of Mile End so simple and nice and bright. At 9:30am the place was empty except for the workers and 1 diner. Too bad they don’t have smoked meat before noon. They only offered 4 items for breakfast or I guess 5 if you count Mish-Mash with salumi or Mish-Mash with lox. Mish-Mash is scrambled eggs with onion and peppers served with 2 slices of bread. My sister got the Mish-Mash with lox while I got the Breakfast Sandwich bacon from The Meathook, eggs and cheese.

I dooooooooooo love love love my breakfast sandwich. On weekends I usually go to Court Street Bagel and for $3.75 get a sausage egg and cheese on a roll and sometimes on weekday mornings I get the same thing at the deli near work. Oh jebus look at the yolk pooooouuuurrring out. What a beauty. The egg was so lovely I wanted to give the cook a hug!
Breakfast sandwich

The Mish-Mash with lox was good too. I was surprised to find big chunks of lox and not itsy-bitsy pieces. Secretly I was hoping my sister would’ve gotten the Mish-Mash with salumi but after taking a bite of the lox I was glad she got it.
Mish-Mash with lox

Someday I’ll be back for the smoked meat!

Mile End 97A Hoyt Street Brooklyn


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