Don’t Go to Coney Island for the Food

Last week I biked to Coney Island with my friends Phaedra and Scott; yes, it was the longest bike ride I’ve done in years, and yes, I almost passed out on the way back. While we were there we stopped for what turned out to be a pretty dreadful lunch at Ruby’s, on the boardwalk. I don’t want to harp on Ruby’s, I’m sure all of the boardwalk dives are pretty much the same. I had a lousy Coney Island-style knish with a squirt of mustard, but the real winner was Phaedra’s deep-fried shish kabob — according to her fatty and chewy, and covered in bright red “barbecue sauce.” There may be good restaurants in the neighborhood, but skip the ones on the boardwalk.


6 thoughts on “Don’t Go to Coney Island for the Food

  1. If you go to Coney Island again, go to the authentic Russian restaurants instead of hitting the businesses on the boardwalk. Much better eats and experience. 🙂


    1. @kimberly – yeah, i’m a big fan of the places at brighton beach, and i’m willing to believe that there are some good restaurants in coney island, but man, those places on the boardwalk are just dreadful…


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