Quick Meal: Mush

What the hell is mush you ask? Believe my friend Phaedra came up with it and gave it its name. Few years ago I had my first mush and it was DELICIOUS! It’s quite simple actually combine chili with mac n’cheese and you get mush!

Recently I found myself at Trader Joe’s again, trying to make something quick, simple and cheap, I used a recipe from my sister, Connie, for a cheap quick Trader Joe’s chili. Get a pack of ground beef around $2.25, a can of black beans and a can of tomato soup. Well I left the list of ingredients at work so I had to go with my memory. I thought she told me a can of diced tomato SO I got a can of diced tomato instead of a can of soup. Anyways, I also grabbed a bag of pasta. I went home and cooked the pasta just couple minutes short of al dente time, dumped the cans of black beans and diced tomatoes and mixed. In another pan while the pasta was cooking I cooked the ground meat. When the pasta mixture is nearly done I added the meat and a whole lotta parmesan cheese. Served it with bread!


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