Lunch at 8 St. Kitchen

For my birthday my friends Jeff and Eva gave me a gift certificate to the kitchen supply store Broadway Panhandler. I decided to grab lunch near the store, since I was going to be in the city anyway. I did a quick Google Maps search and noticed a place with the simple name 8 St. Kitchen just a few blocks away. I did a little research and found that 8 St. Kitchen is a relatively new Korean restaurant (open just seven months, according to my server), and that they have a reasonably priced lunch menu.

The restaurant has windows open on to W 8th St, letting in a ton of natural light onto the wooden benches and tables. I got the “Sizzling Hot Stone Bibimbap” with “crispy tofu” for $8. First they brought out two small plates of banchan, little Korean appetizers: kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage) and a sweet pickled radish. They also brought me a bowl of miso soup, but it was a little too fishy for my taste. My bibimbap came out not long after my second round of banchan; bibimbap is a large, heated stone bowl filled with rice, mushrooms, vegetables, and (in my case) tofu, all topped with an egg yolk. “Do you know how to eat it?” asked my server. It’s not complicated, basically you mix everything up together with the Korean barbecue sauce they provide, and the heat of the bowl cooks everything together. This was superb — fresh, well seasoned, simple food; the barely cooked yolk giving richness to everything and the rice getting crispy at the bottom for a nice crunchy treat. It was refreshing to get good Korean food without having to travel to K-Town, and not having to put up with a modern fusion take on Korean.

8 St. Kitchen — 22 W 8th St.


7 thoughts on “Lunch at 8 St. Kitchen

  1. I will have to check that out — I am always on the lookout for good hot stone bibimbap. (I am not a big fan of regular bibimbap.)


  2. Happy Birthday!

    In the W4th area waste land, guess you’ve no choice if you’ve a Korean craving. Otherwise, definitely go to KTown or even Flushing. 🙂 2 plates of banchan are really little…


    1. @kim – i’m aware that 2 plates of banchan isn’t much, but for $8 i got a ton of food, and they offered to bring me seconds of the banchan. in k-town i usually get dirty looks when i ask for more. haven’t tried any korean in flushing, do you have any recommendations?


    1. korea town is the colloquial name for a few blocks of midtown, between 31st and 36th Streets btw 5th & 6th ave (not far from the empire state building). lots of korean restaurants, groceries, bars, and karaoke places.


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