All About The Pad Thai Sauce

Pad Thai saucePad Thai sauce
Like my other post about different usage of curry sauce, this time is all about the Pad Thai sauce. Yes Pad Thai sauce is mainly used for well making Pad Thai. But I thought heck if you have a giant bottle of this stuff maybe you can use it some other way. Pad Thai sauce is super easy to make, all you need is 3 maybe 4 ingredients. It’s 1 part tamarind juice, 1 part palm sugar and 1 part fish sauce. Pour all the ingredients into a pot and just cook it till the sugar dissolves. Thats it! Yes I did say maybe 4 ingredients and the 4th is chili paste or sriracha to give it a little heat but of course you don’t want to add 1 part sriracha maybe just enough to your liking. Also I added a stick of cinnamon and few star anise just for the heck of it. I have found that a 1/4 cup of each ingredient will yield enough for 4-5 servings of Pad Thai. All you really need is 2-3 tablespoons for each person.

So here are few dishes that I came up with that used Pad Thai sauce.

Pad Thai Sauce Fried Rice
Fried rice
This one is kind of obvious. If you can make a noodle dish why not a rice dish? This was very simple to make, I diced up a carrot and a squash and cooked them in a wok. Added the rice, stirred and fried it some more. Then I made a well in the center, poured 2 scrambled eggs into the center. Let the eggs cook a bit before stirring. When the eggs are semi-cooked mix them all in with the rice. Season if you want to but the sauce has enough flavors I think. Pour about 2-3 tablespoons per serving into the rice. Stir until all of the rice turn a nice orangy-red color. Turn off heat, serve and eat.
OR if you’re super lazy you can just pour the sauce straight into your steamed rice, it’s really good that way too.

Baked Chicken Wings
I got 2lbs of chicken wings in Chinatown, took them home and poured the Pad Thai sauce straight into the plastic bag. I tied it up, moved the wings around a bit to make sure all the wings get coated with the sauce. Placed the bag in a bowl in case it spilled and left it in the fridge over night. The next morning I simply flipped the bag over and put it back into the fridge. When it was time to bake the wings, I pre-heated the oven at 375degrees. I baked them for about an hour (is that too long?). Hmmmm they turned out pretty awesome. Spicy, a little sweet, sticky, falling of the bone goodness. I thought thinking maybe next time I’ll cook them at 500degrees toward the end and maybe the skin will be crispy? I guess the best way is to fried them but I really hate the smell.
I bet the sauce would be good on ribs too!

Fish Two Ways
Pan seared fish
I thought tilapia was cheaper but apparently catfish is cheaper! For my last dish I thought it would be nice to do fish two ways, 1 seared and 1 steamed. The fillet of fish that I was going to sear, I let it marinate in the sauce for a bit about 30minutes. While the other fillet that was going to be steamed I lay it in a plate and topped it off with some chopped scallions. I added water into my wok, turned on the head and covered it to let the water boil. When it was ready, I poured some of the sauce over the fish and place the plate onto the middle rack inside the wok so that the plate doesn’t touch the water and covered it, I steamed it for 10minutes (is that too long to steam 1 fillet?). While it was steaming, I heated up a pan and it was hot I placed the fillet that was marinating in the sauce onto it. I seared each side for few minutes since it wasn’t that thick. The oil that I had added to the fish right before I seared it really helped it not stick, I think, I think it was the oil. This came out pretty nice, great flavors and a little crunchy on the outside.
Steamed fish
But the steamed version was so much more better. After steaming the fillet I got this beautiful light broth in the plate. Would have been great with some rice. I think I may steam more fishes!

So thats it. I’m pretty sauce there are more different ways to use the Pad Thai sauce. Maybe a Pad Thai sauce chili? Or as a salad dressing?


2 thoughts on “All About The Pad Thai Sauce

  1. What a brilliant idea! Everyone makes pad thai different, I’ve noticed. I was told off for not putting peanut butter in mine. So I added it, and it was good! These are great dishes, way to show your readers how to stretch a dollar.


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