Fried Dumpling

Fried Dumpling
Back in the day 5 dumplings for $1 was pretty common in Chinatown. But nothing last forever, especially in NYC. The only 2 places that I know of that still sell dumplings that cheap are Fried Dumpling on Mosco St and Prosperity Dumplings on Eldridge St. And if you want a picture perfect definition of what hole-in-the-wall places look like then these 2 dumpling places are pretty much it. I’ve been to Prosperity Dumplings many times and each time there would be a crowd inside, all trying to get dumplings. On the other hand, I’ve only walked by Fried Dumpling and usually its quite empty. People either know exactly where to look or they randomly discovered it. I was the latter. I was just randomly exploring Chinatown when I first moved here and found it by chance. I’ve must have walked by this place more than a dozen times but never really bothered to try it. Then finally yesterday I was craving for some cheap dumplings and was in the area so I decided to try it out.

Fried DumplingFried Dumpling
Yesterday was just horrible, weather wise. Super hot and humid but I wanted dumplings. Fried Dumpling didn’t have an a/c so the doors were wide open. The guy behind the counter was busy taking orders from another customer. Man it was hot. Finally it was my turn and I got 10 dumplings for $2. I grabbed 1 of the 5 seats along the counter and dug into the dumplings. These were pretty tasty and didn’t really need any condiments but a little sriracha and vinegar wouldn’t hurt. Obviously I couldn’t help but compare these to the dumplings from Prosperity. Fried Dumpling used thinner dumpling skins, a little less meat and not much juice bursting out. These are more delicate and yes they did stick together. But you know I wasn’t complaining these were damn tasty.

While I was eating a 3rd customer sat between me and the 1st customer. I looked up and she gave me a smile. All 3 of us sat along the counter silently eating our dumplings. Then when we were all done we left with our tummies full and satisfied.

– Fried Dumpling 106 Mosco Street, New York
– Prosperity Dumpling 46 Eldridge Street, New York


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