Locanda Verde

Locanda Verde
I had no idea it was THIS difficult to find a decent breakfast place in Tribeca. But thanks to Serious Eats I found Locanda Verde which perfectly was connected to the hotel that my sister was staying while she was in town. Though I thought I had found a new place to eat but she had already gone there for breakfast the day before. Ah oh well it was new to me.

There weren’t that many things I wanted to eat on the menu but finally decided on Uova Modenese poached eggs with cotechino hash, spinach, and tomato hollandaise. I didn’t know what “cotechino” was and wasn’t having high expectations. When the dish came I still wasn’t expecting much seeing how tiny the dish was, yes yes I eat a lot. It does look pretty though. With the fork I got a some eggs, spinach and sausages and ate it. !!!!!!!!! WOW!! The tomato hollandaise sauce was amazing! It was my first time having hollandaise sauce with tomatoes in them and I’m sure without them this would’ve just been a plain dish. I really wanted to eat slowly just to savor the moment and wished there was more bread.

Locanda Verde 377 Greenwich St New York


2 thoughts on “Locanda Verde

  1. You really need to do your research before you eat! There’s tons of media on SE about that place and you definitely need to get back there to try the ricotta. It’s downright fabulous.


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