Banana Puddin’ Across Town

I have come to believe that someone out there has cursed me! Cursed me into forever craving for any desserts with bananas. Cravings usually come and go but for whatever reasons my craving for anything bananas hasn’t gone away, its been like a month now! At first I wanted banana cream pie then it was banana split then my craving turned towards banana pudding. Lucky for me it was easier to find banana pudding than banana cream pie in this city. Googling “banana pudding nyc” I found myself at Serious Eats, of course. And thanks to Serious Eats I knew exactly where to go.

First up, Out of the Kitchen, which I have never heard of until I read it on Serious Eats. It’s located in the West Village, I hate the West Village because I tend to get lost with all the confusing streets. Anyways, after a bit of walking back and forth I finally found the place. I walked in got the banana pudding and walked out. It was neatly packed into a small plastic cup all ready wrapped in plastic wrap. Took a minute for me to figure out how to unwrap it though. Finally, banana pudding! I took a big bite and quickly exhaled a sign of satisfaction. Layers and layers of banana goodness, not too sweet and big slices of bananas. The vanilla wafers didn’t really taste like vanilla wafers and took me some time to think what it tasted like. It tasted like ginger snap cookies. It was good! Looking at the post from Serious Eats the size of the cup that I got was smaller but it also cost me $4.

The weather wasn’t too bad so I decided to walk from the West Village to the Lower East Side forSugar Sweet Sunshine. I walked in all sweaty standing in front of all their cupcakes, sorry I still don’t really get cupcakes, waiting to get a banana pudding. When I ordered it the girl asked me small or large and I asked her how small is small. She pointed to the wall where they hung the 2 cups. Damn the small cup is the size of a medium coffee cup. I got the small and the girl turned around, slide open a glass window of one of the counters and literally hugged a GIANT metal bowl of banana pudding! It was like the size of a large pizza! She took a scoop and scooped banana pudding into the cup and really packed it in. For $4 you are really getting a good deal for how much puddin you’re getting. I couldn’t finish it which meant I had banana pudding for dessert the next day, win. Compare to Out of the Kitchen, this was a little bit more messy in presentation, no apparent layers and the bananas were diced into little cubes. Overall it was a bit mushy, great flavors and not too sweet just like Out of the Kitchen version.

I was pretty damn happy with both banana puddings. Both were $4 with Out of the Kitchen having big slices of bananas while with Sugar Sweet Sunshine you get loads of pudding for just $4.

Out of the Kitchen 420 Hudson Street New York City
Sugar Sweet Sunshine 126 Rivington Street New York City


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