Crepe du Nord

Crepe du Nord
Are there actually good places to eat near and around Wall St? I just imagine the area mostly occupied by boring delis, pizza joints, generic Chinese take-out places and few high-end spots. So when my friend and his gf suggested we go to Crepe du Nord for dinner in Wall St I was like hm…….Wall St eh? Sure why not.

Looking through the menu I was debating if I actually wanted the burger instead of getting a crepe. I’m actually not a big fan of savory crepes BUT sweet crepes YES PLEASE! In the end I went with a savory crepe.

Country herb chicken with ricotta cheese & ratatouille
Crepe du Nord
To my surprised the crepe was a decent size. I think why I’m not a fan of crepes is because I would need to eat like 5 or more just to be full. The country herb chicken crepe tasted great! Very hearty and tasty. I could imagine eating 5 of these during winter time.

Dulce de leche caramel, fresh banana, whipped cream
Crepe du Nord
Still in my banana craving period so I went for this sweet crepe. This was good I mean you can’t go wrong with dulce de leche and bananas right?

Also they’re doing a special where if you order 2 crepes, 1 savory and 1 sweet, you get a glass of free wine. Oh yeah!

I definitely would like to go back and try other crepes but maybe as a snack. The place was cozy and a bit narrow and also it is in a historical building.

Crepe du Nord 17 S William St (between Beaver St & Mill Ln)


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