Unfancy Food Show

Unfancy Food Show
Few weeks ago, yes couple weeks ago…I like to daydream that I have a life besides blogging but actually I’m just too lazy to write this up but alas I’m not feeling too lazy right now so I’m writing this now. Eh couple weeks ago I attended my very first Unfancy Food Show. The Unfancy Food Show now in its 4th year in a nut shell is food show for the smaller businesses and mostly local (Brooklyn) businesses. It may have also started as a “middle finger” to the Fancy Food Show that takes place on the same weekend over at Javitz Center in Manhattan. Brooklyn people are classy like that hahaaa.

This time around it was at The Bell House so after getting a snack at the Smith St Fun Day I strolled over to The Bell House. By the time I got there, around1:30pm, the place was packed. There were few food vendors outside while most of them were inside. It really sucked to be the ones outside in the heat though. IT WAS BUUUUURRRRRNNNNIIINNNNGGGGGG outside and it was COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL inside. After paying the $5 entrance fee and getting my hand stamped I made my way to the back. I found my friend Mike working the Meat Hook merch table and was great to have met Tom, the real Meat Hook guy!

The room in the back where the Bell House has their shows was jam packed with people and tables. It was so hard to maneuver between the aisles but in the end it was a fun event and I ended up eating few good bites!

Mama O’s Kimchee (or is it kimchi?)
At the Mama O’s Kimchee station they were selling kimchee dogs! With hot dogs from The Meat Hook. What was great was that you can add as much kimchee as you wanted. They had a small table that had 4 different kinds of kimchee on display for people to try OR to top your hot dog with. It was glooooorious. Spicy not too fiery and porky (from the hot dog) but I wished they had gone with using regular hot dog buns. The buns they used were a bit dry. After topping my hot dog with kimchee I sat my hot dog down and took a photo. When I was done, Mama O personally came over and said to me “now you can eat” yes ma’am!
Unfancy Food Show

Pulled pork and ham sandwich from Marlo & Sons
This mini sandwich, for $3, was SO DEEEELLLICIOUS!! OMG so good. I forget what else was in the sandwich besides the ham and pulled pork but it was such a perfect few bites. *sigh.
Unfancy Food Show

People’s Pop
Yes People’s Pop again. Told you from my post about the food truck drive-in that I had the luck of getting a free rhubarb and jasmine pop from them and it was so good. This time I was willing to pay $3.50 for 1.
Unfancy Food Show

Here are the rest of the photos from that day.

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