Photo courtesy of The L Magazine

Summers are great in New York City, well if you don’t mind the humidity or stinky subways. Summers here are filled with all sort of free outdoor events like free outdoor movies! SummerScreen, hosted by The L Magazine, is in it’s 5th year over at McCarren Park. This year they’re bringing movies with “a nod to our adolescent idols and crushes: Cusack, Bowie, Danes, Depp, Richards and Reeves” and ALSO few of your favorite food vendors from the Brooklyn Flea! Lobster, tacos, cupcakes, dogs, pizza, pork OH MY!

Nick Burry, publisher for The L Magazine, was nice enough to answer few questions for us regarding the food vendors.

Q. First off how excited are you about having all these food vendors, that are pretty popular with the crowds at the Brooklyn Flea, to be serving food at SummerScreen?
A. I’m psyched to have the vendors there! I feel like they embody the creative, energetic, search-for-authenticity passion that is so prevalent in Brooklyn right now. It’s the same ethic we have at the magazine.

Q. SummerScreen is close to half way through it’s 5th season, why are the food vendors just coming in now?

A. It’s a tough event to pull together. There are a lot of moving pieces, from sound and power to promotion and marketing. We’ve experimented with several vendors in the past, and it’s taken a while before I felt confident that it would be a great experience for both the consumer and the vendor. Right now we have a nice combination of the current surge in popularity of mobile food vendors plus their expertise in selling food outside plus a kickass event with tons of people in SummerScreen. It made a lot of sense this year.

Q. Here’s something fun or maybe not fun, haha. If you were to pick a food vendor to compliment each film what vendor would go with what film?
A. That’s an interesting question. I’d say get a jolt of caffeine from Crop to Cup Coffee before Dead Man. It’s sort of an intense movie, and I think it helps to be in the zone for that. Honestly, it might sound like I’m being political, but I really love all the vendors. I usually gorge on something from each of them, every night. I’ll definitely get a taco from San Loco on Point Break night, though, because I usually feel like Keanu Reeves when I eat there.

Thank you Nick and The L Magazine! SummerScreen is every Wednesday night (that’s tonight!) starting at 6pm. Make sure to check out the SummerScreen site for schedule and updated news!


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