Warm Brioche Donut Holes

Warm brioche donut holes
HA so after my lunch of cod schnitzel and dinner at the always popular Shake Shack at Madison Square Park, I REALLY wanted some desserts. If you live in New York City I’m pretty sure you know about the Dessert Truck and how they couldn’t renew their permit so instead opened a store in the Lower East Side. I still have yet been to the store but LUCKILY they got a seasonal permit this summer and the truck is back! It was surprisingly not too hot that night so I walked from the Flatiron District to the East Village where the truck was parked in their old spot.

I walked up to the truck and looked at the menu. They had the same stuff from the shop and well there wasn’t anything that jumped out at me BUT the guy in the truck had already dropped his dinner, wiped his lips and was ready to take my order. What I really wanted was something cold and creamy like the strawberry angel food cake with thyme whipped creme I had last year. Anyways I ended up getting the warm brioche donut holes, 3 for $6. Hmmm soft round balls covered in sugar and filled with nutella. Most of the time I’m a BIG fan of nutella but for some reason I thought there was just a bit too much nutella in these donut holes. I think nutella is at its best when paired with whipped cream or something to make it less dry. Right? Anyone?

Dessert Truck 6 Clinton Street New York Twitter


One thought on “Warm Brioche Donut Holes

  1. oh my goodness those look delicious! I haven’t been to the dessert truck in ages, but may have to track it down soon to try those… I can imagine what you mean about the nutella being too dry in them though. Maybe they could serve whipped cream on the side to dip them in? yum.


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