Honey Jones at Paulie Gee’s

My sister came into town a few weeks ago, and before she arrived the one thing she told me she wanted to do while visiting Brooklyn was to eat at Paulie Gee’s. I was happy to oblige. Paulie Gee’s is quickly becoming my favorite special occasion destination, due in equal parts to the excellent pizza and the graciousness of Paulie Gee himself. On this most recent visit, I realized that I had already made my way through most of the vegetarian options on the regular menu and so I went for one of the specials, the Honey Jones (Fior di Latte, Gorgonzola Cheese, and Megan the Bee Keeper’s Local Honey — usually served with Prosciutto di Parma but I asked for the meatless version). It was a great mix of salty, tangy, and sweet, all atop Paulie Gee’s chewy, crispy crust. Paulie is a bit persnickety when it comes to his crust — he sent us over a Bacon Marmalade pizza that he thought was too charred to send to the people who had actually ordered it, on the condition that we not photograph it — but when the result is as good as it is, who can complain?


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