Cream Of Carrot Pasta

Cream of carrot pasta
If you have a lot of heavy cream and need to use it up, what will you do? I have already used some of the cream to make whipped cream for ice cream and I was in the mood for some pasta. But I can only use so much cream in a pasta dish. Then I came up with this idea. Just like cooking chicken or pork in milk what if I cooked the vegetables in heavy cream and let it cooked till most of the cream evaporated away. I really wanted to make a broccoli pasta dish but I was kind of lazy to have to deal with chopping the broccoli and having little bits of broccoli flying everywhere. So….what about carrots? I never had carrots in my pasta before and I thought I was being a GENIUS until I googled carrots in pasta and found a bunch. Anyways here’s what I made.

Cream of carrot pasta
Serves 4-6 (Or for me it served 3 cause I love pasta and tend to eat waaaay too much)
A bag or box of bow tie pasta or any pasta you like
1 large onion sliced
3 medium sized carrots, sliced (between 1/4 to 1/8 of an inch thick is good)
4 cloves of garlic diced
A pack of sweet pork sausage (got mine from Trader Joe’s came 5 in 1 pack)
A bunch of basil leaves teared or sliced into small pieces

Get a real big pan and heat up some oil. When its ready throw in the onion and cook until semi-translucent. Then throw in the sliced carrots and garlic. Season it. I slightly over seasoned it because the amount of cream that you will pour in just a moment. Give everything a good stir/mix. I added the sausages and cooked it just to give it color. Ok then pour enough heavy cream to barely cover everything. If you don’t have that much cream like I did just add water. Its okay to not have enough cream I think since you can just flip everything over during cooking. I had the heat on high and waited till the cream started to bubble then covered the pan with a lid and lowered the heat so everything is just simmering. I did this for about 30mins and checked it/flipped the sausages around the 15min mark.

Of course mean while you’re cooking this you have a pot of salted water boiling. After 30mins of simmering the carrots and sausages I removed the lid AND throw in the pasta into the pot of boiling water. While the pasta was cooking I turned the heat back up to high to reduce reduce reduce the cream. Make sure to not make the same mistake I did and let too much cream evaporate which made the carrots started to burn in the pan, whoops. Burnt anything does not taste good except on toast. I remedied this by adding a scoop of pasta water and by lowering the heat. When the pasta was done cooking I added it to the carrots and sausages. Sprinkled the basil over and gave it a good toss.


This was incredibly delicious. The sauce, what was left of it, was really sweet because of the carrots and creamy. The Trader Joe’s sausages were really good with the pasta and the fresh basil from my garden. Really nice. Definitely not the healthiest. Also when I told people I made carrot pasta they thought I had shredded the carrots and used that as pasta. This was more like if you had a can of cream of carrot soup and added pasta into it. Well that was the initial idea. Next time hopefully I wouldn’t burn/cook all of the liquid away.


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