Questions To Answers – Crepes Bonaparte

Recently I had the great opportunity to interview Crepes Bonaparte. They’re 1 of 7 trucks that are competing in Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race. Be sure to catch the premiere of the show on August 15th at 10 PM ET/9 PM CT!!
Crepes Bonaparte
Q. Please state your name, name your food truck, and the type of food you are serving.
A. Christian and Danielle Murcia, Crepes Bonaparte (Gaston), French Crepes

Q. How does it feel to be part of this competition and be on national tv?
A. We’re honored to be a part of the competition, chosen by Food Network as one of the best trucks in the country. The experience was definitely a once in a lifetime type thing, and we’re super excited to show viewers our delicious food and unique truck.

Q. Was there a strategy going into this?
A. Our strategy was to give it our best, but not lose sight of the experience. We wanted to give a good representation of what we do at home and take advantage of how much we could learn about our truck, our business, and each other through the challenges presented to us.

Q. Any funny stories you can share with us while on the road?
A. You’ll have to watch the show! There are some good ones.

Q. Looking back were there things you thought you could’ve done better?
A. Hindsight is always 20/20, but we know we always gave our best. We’re grateful to be able to look at our mistakes from when we were on the road and apply them to our business now that we’re back home.

Q. How has LA influenced you and your food truck and do you think it’ll be the same, for you, if you were in a different part of the country?
A. There are a lot of trucks in LA, so it’s really important to have something about you that is unique, and just plain better, than the other trucks out there. It’s really important to have something that makes you stand out. Also, because there are so many trucks in LA people are accustomed to them and are eager to try all different types of cuisines – even if it’s something they’ve never heard of before, trying it from a truck makes it ok. It’s just the opposite in some other parts of the county – eating from a truck is completely foreign, let alone trying a new food. You have to get over the obstacle of educating the customer first.

Q. Why do you think people are so fascinated with food trucks?
A. Each truck has something different to offer – people get bored eating at the same places all the time. It’s bringing new a different food to new places all the time.

Q. Which 1 item on your menu best describes you and your truck?
A. PCH (peanut butter, Nutella, and honey crepe). Although we’re often grouped in with all the LA trucks, we’re actually an Orange County truck. The name keeps us true to our OC beach-y roots, and the crepe is seriously delicious. Try it.

Check out the promo for the show and also my past interviews with Grill ‘Em All and Nom Nom Truck who are also competing.


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