Market Watch: Heirloom Okra

A lot of attention is given to heirloom tomatoes at summer Greenmarkets, and I can understand why. They’re seasonal, beautiful, tasty, etc. It bears mentioning, however, that there are heirloom varieties of other vegetables as well. If you’ve thought about okra at all you’ve probably thought about the long, icicle-looking okra that is seen most often. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to see these plump, curly, purple streaked pods at the Grand Army Plaza market. Some people say they don’t like okra because it’s slimy, but that’s precisely why I like it. Lately I’ve been stewing it with tomatoes, cooking it down to mush so that the entire thing is slimy and delicious.


One thought on “Market Watch: Heirloom Okra

  1. i love to cook with okra as well. As a matter of fact, got a box in my fridge right now. I like to make a quick-flash vegetarian gumbo with onion, chili pepper, celery and of course a can of tomatoes.


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