Donny: So you know couple weekends ago Howard and I took a day trip up to Tarrytown to visit Stone Barns. It was quite hot that day but definitely good to leave the city. Tarrytown is just a quick 45min train ride on the Metro-North from Grand Central. Hello small town USA!

I did extensive research on places to eat in Tarrytown and luckily most things are on Main St and Broadway, which is close to the Metro-North station. I figured we be eating something at the Blue Hill Cafe so I did a search for snacky things in Tarrytown and Lubins-N-Links kept coming up on my searches.

So what’s a lubin you ask? Here’s what they say on their site “A Lubin is our own creation made of seasoned, slow roasted, tender and delicious beef, sliced and served on a hot dog bun (it actually falls apart because it’s so tender!). Top it off with one or more of our specialty toppings (I recommend Cheese Sauce and Sweet Onions…that’s my fave!).”

Howard and I walked into to find a tiny tiny tiny shop. The area in front of the counter, where we were, was only big enough for 4 adults and 2 kids while the area behind the counter was a narrow corridor where the kitchen was and 3 big dudes working in the kitchen. They seem like regular guys that had been making lubins and links most of their lives, perfected it and decided to open their own shop.

Since they named their shop after the….the…what do you call this? Its not a hot dog, its not a sandwich…its a lubin? I had to get the lubin and I topped it off with chopped onion and chipotle mayo. Once I got my lubin I took it outside to their sidewalk seating, which had 2 tables and few chairs, sat down and unwrapped the tin foil. TA-DA! I quickly took few photos and took a giant bite out of it. Oh man was it FANTASTIC! The beef was juicy and tender, chipotle mayo added the perfect kick to it and nothing beats potato buns. Ah I wish I had gotten another lubin or a hot dog. Very good stuff.

Howard: It was really hot that day, and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to eat anything. I was encouraged by the small size of the place, and the fact that the care they took in making everything to order. Plus, they have a dog with crumbled potato chips on top. I wanted something a little more cooling, so I got the Slaw Dog (with a veggie dog, of course). That’s a dog topped with yellow mustard, pickled relish, and absolutely COVERED in cole slaw. It was creamy and tangy; the cool slaw and sweet relish contrasted nicely with the warm and salty veggie dog. I was glad I had decided to eat there.
veggie slaw dog

Lubins-N-Links 38 Main St. Tarrytown, NY, 10591


4 thoughts on “Lubins-N-Links

  1. Hey guys, I’m planning to visit Stone Barns Center tomorrow. Is there anywhere in town that I should visit as well? I heard the cafe is quite pricey and might want to pick something to have a picnic inside. Thanks!


    1. Oh great weather for a trip tmr! we actually didn’t explore toooo much of the town. after stopping at lubins-n-links we walked over to the sleepy hallow cemetery and walked back to catch the train. tarrytown is a tiny town and there aren’t much things to look at. maaaaaaaybe better to pack a picnic before going on the trip? sorry i’m not much help.


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