Spanish Armada At Saltie

You have no idea how much good stuff I have heard about Saltie. From the internets to the people I know. I’ve been wanting to go to Saltie for a while but it wasn’t till one of my friend, super picky eater, told me that he likes Saltie that really made me want to go that instant. One random Sunday I had to run to Williamsburg for errands and decided to check out Saltie.

I walked in to find a near empty place except for 2 girls sitting by the window and a couple that seem to know the owners. The place was chilled, roomy and bright. I wasn’t sure what I wanted but I randomly got the Spanish Armada sandwich. I noticed they raised the prices of their sandwiches by a dollar compared to what it is on the website. Maybe they need help updating their website? If so I can help! Gimme a call! Within a minute after I placed my order I got my sandwich.

Spanish Armada
It was very simple looking, 2 slices of housemade focaccia bread with thick slices of Spanish tortilla between them. There was also some sort of aioli on each slices of the focaccia. I placed the plate on the wooden counter top along the brick wall and sat on one of the stools. I tried to pick up the sandwich to eat it like a sandwich but it was quite impossible without having some tortilla fall onto the plate. Instead I ate it with a fork and knife, fancy!

This may be one of my favorite sandwiches ever. Why? Because it only has bread and potato! 2 of my favorite things. It was good, delicious, filling, satisfying, simple. I love my carbs. Yes I plan on going back to Saltie and try the other sandwiches. Though I wasn’t a fan of their stools. It was just toooo small for my fat ass, quite uncomfortable.

Saltie 378 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn

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