Coconut Milk Chicken Wings

Coconut milk chicken wingsCoconut milk chicken wings
What is it about mom’s cooking that everyone seems to love and remember? Especially the Italians! Is it because we eat it so much that we love it or are we just a bunch of nostalgic people or maybe all our moms are just crazy incredible good cooks? Now that I have moved to NYC and my family in LA I rarely get to eat my mom’s cooking. So every time I go home I ask my mom to make specific dishes. But BUT there is one dish that my mom makes that I just can’t get enough of and its chicken wings with thing slices of potatoes cooked in coconut milk. It’s so frakkin good. Maybe because I love rice so much I can scoop a bunch of sauce onto the rice and eat it non-stop. Whenever I eat this dish I tend to eat couple extra bowls of rice. SO GOOD!

Then I thought well maybe it was time for me to actually learn how to make this dish so that I can have it whenever I want. I gave making this dish a try many years ago and totally F’ed it up. I had the correct ingredients but in incorrect amount. What came out of it was a bland watery chicken with potato soup instead of a thick stew like dish. Fast forward to just eh few weeks ago I gave this dish another try. This time instead of pouring the whole can of chicken stock in like last time I followed what my mom told me and poured just enough to cover the potatoes. Sorry if the recipe I’m about to give you isn’t really a proper recipe. Heck my mom didn’t give me a proper recipe either and my mom being a mom told me what moms usually say when giving their kids recipes. A pinch of this and handful of that and just enough of that.

Things you’ll need
Chicken wings (I got a pound)
Onion (Sliced thinly)
Potatoes (I think I used 3 medium sized potatoes, sliced thinly)
Coconut milk (Bought 2 cans just in case)
Chicken stock
Evaporated milk
Salt & pepper
A big pan or wok

Oil in hot wok, cook the wings till they’re done and golden delicious! Extra points for crispy skins. Remove the wings from the wok and add more oil if you need to.
Cook the onions till translucent and throw in the potatoes. Stir it a bit, cook till potatoes get some colors and then add enough stock to get some steam action going while the lid is on. Have you made potstickers before? Same idea. Basically you want to let the steam in the wok to cook the potatoes but don’t want to put too much liquid in the wok or it’ll take FOREVER to get rid of all the liquid. When the potatoes are pretty much cooked through remove the lid and cook the potatoes some more until golden brown!

Add the wings to the potato onion mixture and mix it a bit. Season now and taste. Make sure to over season a bit because now you’ll pour a can of coconut milk. Here if you like more sauce add more milk, it’s really up to you. Let the whole mixture simmer a bit. I like to cook it down a bit to get the sauce really thick. Then I added a little, think I added half a can of evaporated milk into the mixture. My mom said this will give the dish a shine!

Taste! If the rice is ready, taste it with the rice. More salt? More coconut milk?


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