Sushi Pizza Wafels Cupcakes

Cupcakes by Melissa
Ah people visiting NYC. The tough thing about writing a food blog is that people tend to turn to you for good places to eat or must try places. I’m not very good at this. I actually don’t go out THAT much and when I do I tend to go to my regular spots instead of trying new ones. SO of course you know how difficult it was to think of places to take my friend, Virginia, when she visited NYC. She was in town for a whole week and I haven’t seen her for a few years. Yeah even missed her wedding. I suck. I know.

How do you show your friend all the good things to eat in NYC in just few hours? Food crawl! Here’s where we went.

Every time I walked by Natori I always tell myself, dang it I need to try this place and finally I did. They serve alligator meat here but hm..I wasn’t in the mood for alligator. Instead we went for something more plain like miso grilled eggplant, spider roll, plum and shiso roll, and couple other rolls. Ahh I think I really like this place. Narrow, cozy, not too loud. The food was great. The sushi rolls were just the right size and the plum and shiso roll was really good. I’m not a big fan of eggplants but wow the miso grilled eggplant was excellent.

Artichoke Pizza
Artichoke Pizza
I wanted to let Virginia get a taste of pizza in NY, she’s from Chicago oooooo deep dish pizza. Yeah I know. Is pizza from Artichoke real NY pizza? I mean what is NY pizza anyways? I did want to take her to Motorino but thought it be too much pizza to eat on a food crawl. Well I know 1 slice at Artichoke is crazily large. I had warned her that its like crust top with cream of artichoke soup. Ahh soupy. Can always count on their pizza for being super messy. Virginia seemed to like it a lot which was good.

Wafel & Dinges
Wafels & Dinges
Thanks to Twitter I knew Wafel & Dinges would be parked in front of Trader Joe’s and since we were on 14th St it was only a quick walk over from Artichoke. I wanted to get something other than my usual strawberries with nutella so we got bananas with Belgian chocolate fudge. Ah yeah bananas, oh no chocolate fudge. The chocolate was gooooood…but I guess I still prefer nutella when it comes to wafels. To anyone that had the spekuloos on their wafels, do you put another dinge on it or what fruit goes well with spekuloos?

Baked By Melissa
Cupcakes by MelissaCupcakes by Melissa
While walking Virginia over to Chelsea we walked by this new-to-me cupcake shop. How long has this been there? She wanted to bring some treats back to her siblings, they didn’t join us for dinner. I’m not a big fan of cupcakes because I WANT A GIANT SLICE OF CAKE and Baked by Melissa sold these super mini cupcakes. Ugh. Whats the point of mini cupcakes? She bought 6 and I tried the sundae flavor cupcake. Hm not sure what made it a sundae, all I tasted was chocolate. Damn it give me a real sundae! Writing this is making me think of a giant slice of red velvet cake.

– Natori 58 St Marks Place, New York
Artichoke 328 East 14th St New York
Wafels & Dinges moving target
Baked by Melissa 7 East 14th St New York


One thought on “Sushi Pizza Wafels Cupcakes

  1. I have a confession to make. I’d like to open my mouth like Pac Man and run through the cupcakery gobbling up as much as I could handle. Which would probably be two cupcakes.

    Hmm…now I don’t know if I want to make dinner or grab two Mylanta.


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